5 Quick Ways to Use Internet Explorer for Mac


Use Internet Explorer for Mac is a difficult task as Apple has discontinued Internet Explorer for Mac, and offer Safari as an alternative. But, you can use it with the help of some external programs such as Internet Explorer Emulator. You can use the Internet Explorer 11 developed by Microsoft as the default web browser, on Mac OS X using the ModernIE free of cost service.

Are you currently move to Mac from Windows, and use to with Internet Explorer a lot?  Or you want to use Internet Explorer for Mac, You are on right place; we will discuss some simple and authentic methods to use Internet Explorer for Mac.

How to Use Internet Explorer for Mac

Let’s move to our main topic, and get detailed information about different methods;

Method 1: Install Windows to Use Internet Explorer for Mac


It is the best option for users who reliably use Windows application. You can use different options for installing the Windows such as Boot Camp, VMWare, or Parallels. It is reliable with Intel Processor, but can’t possible to install Windows, if you computer is managed by Apple’s ARM processor i.e. M1, M1 Max, M1 Pro, or later.

Method 2: Emulate Internet Explorer in the Browser

You can get Internet Explorer on your Mac by emulating it in your browser. Follow the given steps;

Open your MacBook and launch your web browser i.e. Safari.

On the top bar, click on Preference option, and select the advanced tab.


Go to the menu bar to check the box next to the Show Development menu.


Exist Preferences, and tap on the Developer option from the Safari menu.

Open your browser as Internet Explorer by selecting User Agent.


Method 3: Use IE Tech Preview to Use Internet Explorer for Mac

Use your Microsoft account to sign in Modern IE and subscribe to the service that is free.

Select the nearest region, and you will receive an email “You can start using Remote IE right now!”

Launch your downloaded Microsoft Desktop app.

From Remote Desktop title bar tap on “Azure Remote app”.


Accept the invitation to use Internet Explorer and use your Microsoft account to log in to authenticate.

Select “IE Tech Preview” by double clicking it under the Internet Explorer.

Wait for few seconds to load Internet Explorer 11 with Windows UI on your Mac screen.

Method 4: Use IE Chrome Extension to Use Internet Explorer for Mac

Availability of extensions in the web browser is for enhancing the functionality of web browsers while offering multiple innovative features. So, I recommend you to try IE Chrome extension for easy switching between Safari and Chrome. It allows you to get quick access to Internet Explorer, and supports all advanced technologies i.e. Java, ActiveX, Silverlight, and a lot of other such protocol for your ease.


Chrome as the collection of limitless resources proves the powerful web browser for your macOS, and it makes your privacy fool-proof while offering chromium-based extension like IE that offers IE7 to IE 11, all the versions of Internet Explore. Multiple innovative features such as creating a list of URLs with the capability of auto-opening in IE extension are available for your ease.

Method 5: Use Third-Party Tools to Use Internet Explorer for Mac

You can use multiple third-party tools for getting Internet Explorer on your Mac

#1 VM Virtual Box

VirtualBox is a freeware tool offered by Oracle to create a virtual environment for getting, even incompatible apps or programs on your device. Follow the given steps;

Download VM VirtualBox on your Mac using your Web browser.

Complete installation, and close the program for a while to complete the process.


Select the version of Internet Explorer, and click it.

You have done in real-time.

#2 WineBottler

Wine bottler is one of the most powerful IE emulator that you can use to get any Windows-based apps on your Mac without any rooting demand. Follow the given steps;

Open your web browser, visit to the official website of Wine bottler.

Click on Download button to download it on your computer.


Launch the emulator, and select the version of Internet Explorer i.e. 6, 7, or 8.

#3 Boot Camp Assistant

Apple offers Boot Camp assistant for switching between macOS and Windows without creating any virtual environment. It requires a little technical skill, but enables you to download Windows on your Mac. Follow the given steps;


First create Windows partition, format it, and install Windows for using the Boot Camp in Windows

Now, restart your Mac while holding the key down, until the menu appears with options.

You need to select Windows instead of macOS.

Bottom Lines

So friends, we have try our best to offer a complete guide including simple and reliable methods to use Internet Explorer on your Mac. You can select anyone that better matches to your needs. No doubt, Safari is the best web browser used in Apple devices, but for Windows users who currently switch to Mac, Internet Explorer is the best option as they are use to it. So, it can be possible to use Internet Explorer on Mac using some tricks.  


Q: What are the requirements to use Internet Explorer for Mac?

Strong Internet Service
Microsoft account
Download Remote Desktop for Mac from Microsoft from the App Store.

Q: What is the process to open a browser in Internet Explorer mode?

Open the website to watch in Internet Explorer mode. Tap on three dots from the top right corner of the screen of your screen. Finally, click on Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.

Q: How can I enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge?

Press the Ctrl + S shortcut from the keyboard to enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.

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