6 Ways to Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac with/without iTunes

Are you in search of ways to convert M4A to MP3? Here several easy solutions are available for your ease, as we have prepared an ultimate guide to explain the entire procedure reliably.


M4A is becoming a popular format as an extension of MPEG-4, but it offers compatibility for Mac versions only, and you can’t run it on Windows as well. In comparison, MP3 offers vast compatibility facilities and is integrated with multiple devices.

How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac

In our today post, we will discuss different ways to convert M4A to MP3. It is a simple and easy process that can be exited in several ways.

Method 1: Use iTunes to convert M4A to MP3

 First, we learned how to use iTunes to convert M4A to MP3. iTunes is the pre-installed app on macOS Mojave and earlier. Follow the steps given below;

Unlock your Mac, and launch iTunes

Navigate to iTunes and select the General tab while clicking on the Preferences.

Select “Import Settings” from the General tab.

Click on the “Import Using” to open the drop-down menu, and select “MP3 Encoder”.

Select the M4A audio file and open the menu by right-clicking it.

Save the M4A audio into MP3 by clicking the ‘Create MP3 Version

It will save on your computer in MP3 format.

Method 2: Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac without iTunes

If you are not interested in iTunes or you feel it is a little difficult. You can use any other Mac-compatible convertor. Here we will discuss the converting process using VideoProc Convertor AI. It is a powerful program that offers audio-converting functionality. You can convert M4A to MP3 very quickly within a few clicks. Follow the steps given below;

Go to the official website of VideoProc Convertor AI, and download it on your Mac.

After completing the installation process, launch the program.

Select the M4A audio file and add it to the convertor using the drag & drop option, the batch converting feature is also available, if you want to convert multiple files simultaneously.

Click on the “Music tab” from the bottom of the screen, and select MP3 as output format from the “Target box”.

Select the gear icon from the list next to the M4A file, and set different elements from the “Format” tab such as codec, sample rate, bitrate, and CRF value.

Click on the “Name & Tag” tab to edit the media cover, name, artist, and so on.

Save changes by clicking on the “Done” option.

Start the converting process by clicking on the “RUN” button.

Method 3: Convert M4A to MP3 Online

Multiple online tools are also available to convert M4A to MP3. Here we discuss two different tools for your ease;


It is an easy-to-use tool for uploading the M4A file to the server and directly converting it to MP3. The entire process is easy and simple but keep in mind that online convertors are limited in usage and also have security threats. Here is how it work.

Launch your browser and visit Zamzar online M4A to MP3 converter.

Tap on the ‘Choose Files’ option for uploading the M4A file.

Set MP3 as your output format.

Start the conversion process by clicking on the ‘Convert Now’.

Download the converted MP3 file to your device.


Launch your browser and visit http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3.

Select the M4A file by clicking the ‘Choose Files’.

Customize the optional settings including audio bitrate, sampling rate, trimming audio, etc.

Press the ‘Start’ button to convert M4A to MP3.

Click the ‘Download’ button, and save the converted file to your device.

Method 4: Use Terminal to convert M4A to MP3

Different Transcoder programs such as FFmpeg provided by the Terminal graphic interface use command lines for starting a conversion process. Continuing and with the terminal on Mac for conversion is a difficult task. It can take a lot of time and is not suitable for novice users. Here is how it works;

Download and install FFmpeg on your Mac, and open Terminal.

Type the following command for converting a single M4A file to MP3

ffmpeg -i input.m4a output.mp3, ffmpeg -i input.m4a -acodec libmp3lame output.mp3, ffmpeg –i input.m4a -f mp3 output.mp3.

For converting multiple M4A files enter the following script:

           for i in *.m4a; do ffmpeg -i “$i” “${i%.*}.mp3”; done.

Hit the “Enter” key to start to convert M4A to MP3.

Method 5: Use Automator Tool to Convert M4A to MP3

Automator is a built-in tool that helps to manage repetitive manual tasks to boost up the performance of your Mac. You can use Automator to convert M4A to MP3 with the help of Shell. Here is how it works;

Launch Automator. Open the File option, and click on Services to select the ‘Choose’ option.

Select ‘audio files’ in the services selected and ‘Finder’ in any application.

Drag the ‘Run Shell Script’ option from left to right while selecting it from the library.

Select ‘/bin/bash’ from Shell, and ‘as arguments’ from Pass input.

Change echo “$f” into /Users/thh/Downloads/ffmpeg -i “$f” “${f%.m4a}.mp3” in the script.

Open the File option again, and click on the ‘Save’ option to save your converted file.

Method 6: Use Third-party Converters to Convert M4A to MP3

If you type M4A to MP3 converter in your Google search engine, you will find a plethora of results. Here we will discuss a few of them;


Earlier the absence of formats such as WAV, AIFF, and MP3 on Audacity, converting M4A to MP3 was not possible. Audacity has a built-in LAME encoder that can encode MP3, and you also need to install FFmpeg library for the purpose. Follow the steps given below;

Download and install FFmpeg by visiting to the https://lame.buanzo.org/#lameosx64bitdl.

Launch Audacity on your device.

Open Audacity click on Preferences > Libraries and add FFmpeg library.

Navigate back to the Audacity main screen, and drop the M4A file audio file into it.

Click on the File > Export > Export as MP3 options, click on the ‘Extract Audio’ on the appearing pop-up, and finally, click on the ‘Save’ button.


It is also a professional audio/video converting tool that supports multiple formats including AVI, MP4, MOV, M4A, PM3, etc. It offers a simple and intuitive interface with fast-speed capabilities to convert M4A to MP3. The batch converting is also available.


VLC is a freeware multimedia player and audio/video converter while offers support for multiple formats including M4A, MP3, etc. it is quite easy to convert and save the converted file to your device.


It is also a multimedia player along with converting capability. It also allows you to import audio files from CDs. So you can easily burn your favorite audio files on CD and reliably convert M4A to MP3 as well.

Bottom Lines

So friends, hope so, you understand very well the entire procedure to convert M4A to MP3. M4A is a popular file format indeed, but it supports only Apple devices, and you need to convert it to MP3 for running it on another operating system. Here we have prepared an ultimate guide for your ease if you are interested in converting M4A to MP3.


Q: Is it Possible to convert M4A to MP3 using QuickTime?

No, it is not possible, because QuickTime allows only M4A files

Q: How to convert M4A to MP3 using Google Drive?

Using Google Drive to convert M4A to MP3 is a type of online conversion. You need to follow the steps given below;
Unlock your device and launch your browser.
Sign in to your Google Drive, and drag the M4A file.
Drop the file to ‘CloudConverter’, and start converting process.

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