How to Access Clipboard on iPhone-6 Quicker Ways

Do you want to know, how to access clipboard on an iPhone? The answer is simple, as there are multiple simple and easy ways to find the clipboard on your device. A clipboard is an effective tool that is used for carrying on the copy/paste option.


In our today post, we will discuss different ways to find the clipboard, if you are interested, stay with us, and try to follow the given guide to access to clipboard on your iPhone.

What is the usage of a clipboard?

Before we dive into our main topic, first have a look at the ways of using the clipboard;

  • The main function of a clipboard is to be used as a big-time saver. You can copy any text from your documents, and paste it anywhere you want.
  • Select any online image, press it, and hold, until the ‘Copy’ option is appeared, and paste it into your Photo app’s album.
  • Same as, sharing a link to your favorite content by copying it, pasting it to the text message or email body, and hitting the end option.
  • You can create shortcuts for the pieces of text that you usually use, copy them, and paste them into your Notes app. Anytime you want to use them, click the specific shortcut, and it will be copied to the clipboard for pasting anywhere you want.

How to Use the Clipboard on iPhone?

Our next step is to learn the procedure of the clipboard on the iPhone. You need to follow the given steps to copy/paste any of your content;

  • Select your favorite content i.e. text, image, shortcut, etc, and long press it.
  • Hold your press down, until a contextual menu with multiple options appears.
  •   If you want to copy a text, highlight the required part of the text using the Select or Select All option, and press the Copy option to copy it on your clipboard.
  • Similar perform for copying any media file, and select the Copy X option for adding it to your clipboard.
  • After copying your required content, go to the location app and long press on the page to open the contextual menu, simply select the Paste option and add your copied content to your required location.
  • You can use the Cut option also to transfer your content from one place to another. You need to select the text or media file, tap on the Cut option, and Paste it in a new place.

How to Access Clipboard on iPhone

Now, we move to our main topic and try to offer a complete guide for your ease to access to clipboard on iPhone.

Method 1: Use Keyboard Shortcut to access Clipboard on the iPhone

You can use a keyboard shortcut to access to clipboard on your iPhone.

Tap on the keyboard using your three fingers, and open a list of options.

Select ‘Paste’ from the list and tap it.

It will paste all of your copied content here.

Method 2: Use Control Center to access Clipboard on the iPhone

If you are not satisfied with a keyboard shortcut or do not properly perform it. Use the Control Center.

Unlock your iPhone and open Control Center.

Click on the clipboard from the bottom of the Control center.

A list of options appears, select the Paste option and paste all the copied content on the given field.

Method 3: Use Microsoft Swiftkey to access Clipboard on the iPhone

Microsoft SwiftKey is also an easy way of accessing to clipboard and saving your content. Usually, a clipboard holds 30 clippings, and for video, it has a 1,000-character length. Follow the steps;

Highlight the text, and copy it.

Click the + button to open the Toolbar, and select the Clipboard.

Click the Clipboard to open the ‘Save’ option.

Press it and add your copied content to Clipboard.

Edit or Delete Clips

You can view, rearrange, or edit your clips using the Edit option.

Click the + button to open the Toolbar, and select the Clipboard.

Click the Clipboard to open the ‘Edit’ option.

You can remove the clip by pressing the Red button next to it.


Click on the Delete option to confirm your decision.
You can rearrange the clips by holding the SwiftKey and dragging them to the new position.

Method 4: use iPhone Shortcuts to access Clipboard on iPhone

You can use the built-in iPhone Shortcuts app to access Clipboard on your iPhone. Follow the given steps;

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the Shortcuts app.

Locate the Gallery tab, and type Clipboard in the search box.


Select the Adjust Clipboard option from the search results.

Add it to your library by clicking the + button.

Whenever you want to edit the clipboard, click on the Adjust Clipboard option, and a list editing tool will be opened for you to select and apply.

If you to add the add Shortcut to your Home Screen, follow the given steps;

Unlock your iPhone, and head to the Shortcut tab.

Select All Shortcuts.


Locate the Adjust Clipboard option and click on the three dots.

Click to open the drop-down menu from the top of the Adjust Clipboard.

Follow on-screen instructions for adding the shortcuts to your Home screen after clicking on the Add to Home Screen option.

Method 5: Use iPhone Clipboard Manager Apps

You will find multiple third-party apps that can help you access to clipboard of your iPhone. Here we will discuss the ‘Onboard’ app. Follow the steps;


Install Onboard on your device, and create a free account.

When you copy any text, it is preserved in the clipboard.

Select Clipboard from Onboard, and check your copied text here, as the app automatically preserves the content, when you copy it.

You can check your old clipboards as well, and use them anywhere you want.

Onboard allows you to save, share, or remove any clipboard easily.

Some other Third-party App Managers

Here we will discuss some other effective third-party apps for your ease of selecting and easy access to the clipboard on your iPhone.


An effective clipboard manager for storing your copied clipboard. Copy the text, save it in the app, access to Notification Center, and paste the text to any app you want. It can recognize the types of clipboard i.e. phone number, and image URL while offering a quick preview for images and supports GIFs as well.



The Paste is also one of the wonderful clipboard managers while offering integration for all types of Apple products i.e. iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. it is the best choice for professional designers, developers, writers, and lawyers to help them modify their clipboards more reliably.


It also allows you to store your copied text, URLs, and images, and paste them to any other app you like. It offers an editing and formatting process to modify your clipboard, even professionals can use the Java-Script format with the help of the tool.  

Method 6: Use Today Widgets to Access to Clipboard on iPhone

Today View Widgets is the built-in feature available on the iPhone’s Home Screen to give you instant access to different apps, and even the clipboard managers.

Head to the Today View by swiping right to the screen.

Click on the Edit button, and select the Customize option.

Open the Widgets list to locate the Clipboard Manager App Widget.


Here we mention the Onboard.

Click the + button next to the widget of the Today View.

The widget will be added to the list of widgets.


Finally, hit the ‘Done’ option.

Bottom Lines

Si friends, hope so, you have to understand the entire process of accessing to clipboard on an iPhone. It is an easy way and not rocket science. You need only to follow properly the entire guide aforementioned, and get 100% results.


Q: How can I locate my saved things on my clipboard?

Swipe up to click on the toolbar icon, and open a list including the items you have clicked or select ‘Open Clipboard’. Select the item where you want to paste the clipboard.

Q: How does Clipboard work?

Clipboard is the built-in feature for retaining the text you have copied for pasting another destination.

Q: How can I open the clipboard on iPhone 7?

Clipboard is a vital part of iOS that can’t be accessed or changed. You simply, press the screen with your fingers until a list of options appears. Select the Paste option to paste your copied content to the clipboard.

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