How to download photos from Google Photos for different Devices

It is very easy to download photos from Google Photos, as Google Photos enables you to upload as well as back up your photos and videos to the cloud storage. The cloud-based service developed by Google may not have any alternative in the legacy of offering free services.

Downloading photos or videos from the account to the device is quite easy, no matter if you want some specific photos or a whole. Google offers a ‘Takeout service’ for this purpose.

How to Download Some Photos from Google Photos Using a PC

The majority of users work on the big screen, so we are giving a complete guide for you to download photos or videos using your PC. You need to follow the given steps;

Open your web browser and go the Google

Log in to the website and open your account.


Select a photo and click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner.


Tap to the ‘Download’ option from the drop-down menu.


I will download the photo that will be downloaded from the PC’s folder and you can move it anywhere you want.

How to Download All Photos from Google Photos (PC)

Similarly, backup of all of your photos is possible by selecting multiple photos by date tapping on three dot icons to select the download option, and clicking it to get your selected content.

If you want entire Google Photos, you need to go ‘Takeout’ service offered by Google and follow the given steps;

  • Complete the sign-in process and tap on the list of services.
  • Click on the ‘Deselect All’ option.
  • Scroll down to ‘Google Photos’ and tick the box to enable it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Next Step’.

Click ‘Delivery Method’ and select ‘Send Download Link via Email’ from the drop menu.


A link will be received for you to download Google Photos.

Head to the ‘Frequency’ section and select ‘Export Once’.

Tap to ‘File Type’ and select ‘Zip’ from drop-down menu.

Next, click on the ‘Size’ option to select ‘2GB’.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Create Export’.


The zip file will be created with pictures and videos of your Google Photos by the Google Takeout service.

You will receive a link via email and simply click it to download and save your Google Photos archive to your desktop or mobile phone.

How to Download Photos from Google Photos on Android or iOS

The Google Photos app is a pre-loaded app on Smartphones. In case of a new phone, click on the app’s icon and sign in using your Google account. You need to follow the given steps to download your photos.·

Open the app and click on the photo you want to download.

how-to-download-photos-from-google-photos-pandroid or iOS8

Click on the ‘Menu icon’ from the top right corner.

Click on the Download’ option.

how-to-download-photos-from-google-photos-pandroid or iOS10

Select the photos and download them one by one on your device.

how-to-download-photos-from-google-photos-pandroid or iOS11

Final Words

So friends, we hope you understand how the download photos from Google Photos. It is quite simple and easy to use. You can take help from an official website Google Takeout for the purpose, and MultCloud, a technical tool. So it is upon you to select the process you feel is better and easily applicable.


Q: How can I download multiple photos from Google Drive?

Open your Google Drive account, select your required photos by pressing hold down the Ctrl key, and click on the Download button by right-clicking the selected photos. The photos are compressed in a ZIP file from where you can extract photos to your device.

Q: How can I download photos to my laptop?

Select the ‘Save Image as’ option by right-clicking the photo, selecting the location folder, and clicking on the ‘Save’ option. Go to your email inbox, open the picture attachment, and download it by right-clicking the ‘Download’ option.

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