How to Find Deleted Messages on Instagram

Find deleted messages on Instagram easily with the latest version of Instagram, if you are regretting deleting your important chat from your Instagram account, or it is deleted by mistake? Anyhow, don’t worry as Instagram offers a backup option to get back your messages automatically.

We know, that Instagram is a socio-sharing app that allows users to share their photos, images, or videos with their friends and other followers. In 2013, it was equipped with a ‘Private Chat’ option for an exclusive chat.

The ‘Direct Message’ feature was not part of the app earlier, so there is no proper procedure to avail the accidentally deleted messages back again. But, if you are using the latest version of Instagram, you can get back the deleted messages in 2022. Just follow the given complete guide to recover your messages from Instagram.

How to Recover your Instagram Messages for Android devices

We can restore the deleted content within 30 days and stories for 24 hours using your ‘Recently deleted’ option. If you want to restore the data older than 30 days, you need to follow the given simple steps.

Step1 open Instagram Account


Go to your browser and type to open your account.

Step 2: Sign In


Tap on the Sign in button and enter your account.

Step3: Go to profile


Open your profile page to click on the ‘Profile‘ option in the top right co

Step4: Edit Profile


Go to the edit Profile option next to your username. Click it to make changes.

Step5: Go to Settings


Tap on three vertical lines in the top corner to go for the Settings option.

Step 6: Go to the Security option


click on the Security option and select ‘Download Data’ under the Data and History option.

Step7: Request Data

Enter your email address and tap to ‘Request Data’ option.

Step8: Verify your Password


Complete the verification process using your password and click on the’ Next’ button.

Step9: Download Information


At the spot, you will receive a notification of recovering your content within 48 hours. After the mentioned time, you will receive an email, open it, and tap on ‘Download Data’. It will open your Instagram account in your browser, sign in to your account, press ‘Download Data’ and save it on your smartphone.

Step10: Recover your data

Install and launch the app ‘Json Genie (Editor) and open the zip file where you have Saved Instagram data.

Step11: View your messages


Open the ‘message.jsonfile‘ and view your messages.

How to Recover your Instagram Messages for PC

If you are using the web version of Instagram and want to get back your messages. You need to follow the given steps;

Step 1: Login to your account


open your Chrome browser and log in to your Insta account.

Step2: Go to Profile


Go to the main screen, click Profile, and next to the Edit Profile option.

Step 3: Go to Settings


and open ‘The settings option next to the ‘Edit Profile option.

Step4: Go to Privacy and Security


Select the Privacy and Security option using the pop-up menu.

Step5: Request data

Click the ‘Request Download’ button from the Data Download section.

Step6: Enter Email Address


Enter your email address select Jason from the section and click the StepNext button.

Step7: Verify your Password


Verify your account by entering your password and clicking on the ‘Request Download’ button. You can check your deleted messages after 48 hour

Bottom Lines

.So viewers, we hope you have understood very well the entire recovery process of Instagram messages. We have described the two methods of recovering the content. Follow the instructions and get access to your deleted material.


Q: Why I can’t message everyone on Instagram?

You can’t message a person with a private account and even the person whom you are not following/

Q: How to block someone on Instagram?

Open the profile of the required person, click on three dots, and tap to block option from the drop menu.

Q: How can I take a backup of Instagram messages?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take a backup copy of your chat history as you can take it on WhatsApp.

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