How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone-8 Quick Ways

Do you want to find hidden apps on your iPhone? Hidden apps are one of the security-centric features offered for iOS devices. It helps us to save our most sensitive information and makes our privacy foolproof. But, the great dilemma about the feature is to find out when we need it.


The hidden apps are called Secret apps and because of designing on low key, they can’t easily be found out. In our today post, we will discuss different ways to find hidden apps, unhide them, and manage them reliably.

How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

If you are in search of any authentic method to find hidden apps on your iPhone, you are in the right place, as we have created an ultimate guide for your ease. Here we go to our main basic.

Method 1: Use Spotlight to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

Spotlight is the popular search tool for the latest iOS devices, so you can use it to find hidden apps on your iPhone. Here is how it works;


Open your iPhone, and go to the main screen.

Scroll down to the middle of the Home Screen to find Spotlight.

Type the name of your required app in the Spotlight search option.

Select the app from the search results, and drag it to your Home Screen.

Method 2: Use App Library to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

App Library is the place where all of your apps exist; no matter whether you have removed them or hidden them. Follow the given steps;

Open your iPhone, and search App Library by swiping left to the Home Screen.

Select App Library, and on top of it click on the search bar option.



Type the name of your required app.

Select your app from the search results.

Press the app icon and hold it until the menu bar appears.

Click on the Add to Home Screen button.


Method 3: Use Folders to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

Generally, we use folders for organizing our apps to avoid clutter from the Home Screen. But sometimes, we forget which app we have added to which folder. Follow the steps given below;

Check app folders by swiping on the Home Screen.

When you locate your required app, click and hold the app’s icon.

Drag the app to your Home Screen and click to run it.

Method 4: Check App Store Purchases to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

App Store can also help us find our hidden app. Follow the steps given below;

Open your iPhone, and launch the App Store.

Click on your profile picture to open your profile page.

Use your Apple ID to sign in after pressing your Name option.

Click on Purchased and select the Hidden Purchased option.


Select the app you require, and unhide it.

Method5: Use Siri to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

Siri is a search option used in iOS devices. Here you don’t need to type, simply speak instead, and input your command. Here is how it works; first you need to enable Siri.

Open your iPhone, and go for the Siri option.


Say ‘Hey Siri, or press Home Button or Side Button and hold down to open Siri.

Next, say ‘Open App’ Here you have to mention the name of the app you want to unhide.

Wait and Siri will unhide the app automatically.


Method 6: Use the App Store to Get the App

If nothing effort comes true, and you can’t access your required hidden app. It is better to go to the App Store and download the app again on your phone. Follow the steps given below;

Open your iPhone, and launch the App Store.

Type the app name in the search box, and click the Get button.

If the case shows an Open button, it means you have already purchased the app or downloaded it


Method 7: Find Multiple Apps on the iPhone

Any app we download or install goes to our phone’s Home Screen, or we manually set it according to our needs. But with iOS 14, we have permission to hide multiple apps, even the entire Home page. If you feel multiple apps are not showing on your Home Screen, they may accidentally hide. Follow the steps given below to unhide them.

Press the Home Screen background, and hold it down until the icons of apps start jiggling.

Swipe down to the bottom of the Home Screen to press screen page dots.

Swipe through pages, and try to find the uncheck page, and it will be a little blurred.

 Click the bubble below for the page you want to unhide.


The bubble will appear with a checkmark.

Click on the ‘Done button from the top right corner, and all of your hidden apps will appear on that page.

Method 8: Use Screen Time to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

Screen Time was added to iOS in 2018 to fix your time limit to spend on your iPhone, and hide apps to limit your phone usage. You can access any hidden app by disabling the restrictions of the feature. Here is how it works;

Open your iPhone, head to the Settings app, and click on the Screen Time.

Click on the Content & Privacy Restrictions, and next on the Content Restriction.

Select the Apps option, and click on the ‘Allow All Apps’ option.

How to Delete Hidden Apps on iPhone

You can do this manually if you want to delete hidden apps from your phone to clear the storage. Follow the steps given below;

Open your iPhone, and go to Spotlight or App Library whatever suits you better.

Unhide the app, press the app’s icon, and hold until the pop-up menu appears.

Click on the Remove app option, and confirm your decision by clicking on the Delete option.

Bottom Lines

So friends, hope so, you understand very well the entire procedure to find hidden apps on iPhone. It is simple and quite easy, you need only to follow the instructions properly, and everything will be all right. You can unhide your important apps and if you want, you can delete them from your phone easily.


Q: Is it Possible to hide apps on iPhone?

From the top of the screen, select the Account button, and click on the Purchased option. Click on the app you want, swipe left, and tap the Hide button.

Q: Is there any Secret folder available on the iPhone?

Yes, you will find Hidden Album by default, allowing you to hide your photos and videos.

Q: What are the most common hidden apps?

Keepsafe, Line, Whisper, Kik Messenger, and Smart Hide Calculator are the common hidden apps that you can use for sending and receiving your messages, photos, and videos.

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