How to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV 4 Quick Ways


Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV is one of the best solution for sharing your photos, videos, and projects on a big screen. The latest version of iPhone or iPad has stunning screens, but they are too short, especially when you want to share a presentation in your family gathering, or enjoy your favorite movie with your friends on Saturday night.

One thing I want to point out that you can’t watch live streaming services including Apple TV+, Netflix, or Hulu, as mirroring isn’t enough for the purpose. You have to purchase subscription plan for the purpose. 

What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is an easy and simple way of casting your mobile screen on a big screen i.e. smart TV. It enables the users to share apps, games, videos, movies, and other project presentations while making them bigger.

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV

Avoid the irritating situation of arranging several knotted cables for creating connection between your mobile and big screen. Everything has cooled down with latest feature of mirroring or casting your screen. Are you also interested, but nothing to know how to do this? Don’t worry we will guide you properly. In our post, we will discuss some simple and easy methods for your ease.

Method 1: Use AirPlay to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV

AirPlay is the wireless protocol offered by Apple that allows you to share your iPhone screen to TV. It is compatible with all Apple products. Follow the given steps;

Connect your iPhone and TV device with the same Wi-Fi network, while making sure the TV has smart TV software set up.

Go to Control Center while swiping down for iPhone X or newer or iPad 12 or later. Whereas, swipe up for other versions.

Click on two overlapping boxes presenting to screen mirroring option.


Select your TV from the list of AirPlay-compatible devices.

A four-digit code will appear on the TV screen, enter it on your iPhone.


The screen will start mirroring, and you can stop it by clicking on the Stop Mirroring from the list.

Method 2: Use Chromecast to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV

Chromecast is a small media adapter that can use for mirroring also. Follow the given steps;

Go to Apple Store, and download and install Chromecast while selecting the free trial version.


Connect the adapter to your TV via HDMI port.

Select your TV, and follow on-screen instructions for mirroring your screen.

It is only compatible with iOS 12 and newer.

Method 3: Use HDMI Adapter to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV

HDMI is a wired adapter is reliable especially for flaky and unavailable Wi-Fi. You can buy Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter with $40, or a cheaper adapter offered by third-parties can also be used. Follow the given steps;

Connect HDMI cable with TV on one end and the adapter on the other side. Lightning cable will be plugged into iPhone.


Set your TV to the suitable input.

Avoid battery draining by connecting a charger into the adapter’s second Lightning port.


In the way, you can mirror most of the apps via iPhone to TV, but the video apps may offer the constant playback controls during the playing time on the TV. Moreover, you need a 30-pin charging port for old iPhones versions. It isn’t available on Apple’s store; you have to purchase it from a third-party.

Method 4: Use Roku to Mirror iPhone or iPad to TV

Roku is another interesting method that enables you to mirror your iPhone or iPad to TV without Apple TV or Google Chromecast. It only requires your iPhone has any of Roku product including Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, etc. Follow the given steps;

Go to App Store and download any third-party Roku screen mirroring app such as Mirror for Roku app by iStreamer.


Complete downloading of the app; connect your iPhone with TV.

Click on Mirroring Screen option to start sharing your screen.


Click the button again, and the screen mirroring process will be stopped.

Bottom Lines

Finally, we can say it is quite easy to mirror iPhone or iPad to TV using some simple ways. We hope our guide will help you a lot and enables you to share your videos, photos, and other important presentations on the big screen.


Q: How Can I mirror my phone to TV?

First, connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi network.
Go to the Google Home app.
Select a TV that supports mirroring, and click to open it.
Select the Cast Screen option and click on Cast My Screen.
Click on the Start Now button.

Q: How to fix the issue iPhone not mirroring to TV?

Turn on AirPlay–compatible devices and place them together.
Update devices to the latest version.
Connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
Restart devices.

Q: Does AirPlay support any TV?

No, you need to select a TV that has specifications of the mirroring option.
Q: Is it miracast on iPhone?
No, Apple doesn’t support the Miracast tool, you can use AirDroid cast instead.

Q: Can I mirror my iPhone on Android?

Download the ApowerMirror app on both devices; iPhone and Android.
Connect them with the same Wi-Fi network.
Click on M option
Select an Android device from the available list to start mirroring.

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