How to Remove Junk from Windows 10 4 Quick Ways

Lot of us want to remove junk from Windows 10, as the latest PC with installed Windows 10 has a lot of bloatware along with important material. We feel unhappy with bloatware as it slows down the performance of our PC.

Bloatware is inclusively used for all junk material that is pre-installed and has no purpose. It takes much space, sucks battery, and consumes your storage. You can check it by simple scanning process, search bar, or app list. You can get rid of the bloatware that includes unwanted apps. Here we are mentioning different methods for the purpose.

How to Remove Bloatware from Windows 10

Debloating Windows 10 makes it possible to delete apps from the Control Panel, but it is a tedious process. Instead, you need to use the Windows 10 bloatware removal tool offered by Microsoft and kick out the unwanted apps. Before starting your debloating process, create a backup copy of your important files and folders;

  1. Go to Settings app and click on Update & Security.

Select the Recovery option from the left panel.


Tap to the Get Started option under ‘Reset This PC’.


Select “Keep My Files” option from the pop-up windows.

Select any one option i.e. ‘Reset Windows locally’ or ‘Download fresh one from cloud’.


Disable the ‘Restore Pre-installed apps’ option and change your settings.

7- Tap to the ‘Reset’ button which will take up to an hour to complete the process.


How to Remove Bloatware Using PowerShell Script

PowerShell Script is developed by Scynex to enable users to remove all unwanted Windows 10 packages to strip their operating system bare. Unfortunately, it can also remove some important apps such as TunelnRadio, PowerBI, or Windows Netflix app. Follow the given steps to debloat your Windows 10;

  1. Head to GitHub page and click on the Green Code button.

Download Zip file by selecting ‘Download Zip’ from the drop down menu.


3- On completing the download process, right-click the tool to use for extracting the folders.

4. Here you will find two versions of the main script; Windows 10Debloater and Windows 10DebloaterGUI, Select anyone from both of them.

5. Right-click the selected version and select the ‘Run with PowerShell’ option.

6- The process will remove associated Windows Registry entries with bloatware files.

Remove Windows 10 Bloatware using DISM


If they do not satisfy you with PowerShell, use the DISM command-line tool to remove the Bloatware from your Windows 10. It is a stand for Deployment Imaging Service and Management that offers services for Widows system in several ways. So, you can use it to remove the unwanted apps from your system to clean junk.
  • Enter the following command to check all types of Bloatware in your system

            DISM /Online /Get-ProvisionedAppxPackages | select-string Packagename

  • A list of all installed apps on your system will be appeared in front of you. Use the copied package names and the following command to start removing process.

DISM /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:PACKAGENAME

  • You need to change the package name word into the app name that is required to delete i.e.

DISM /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI_1.24.10001.0_neutral_~_8wekyb3d8bbwe

  • Repeat the process until all junk material has been removed from your system, and restart the system to check the performance.

How to Deal with Large Files Using Additional Help

Follow given instructions to deal with large files reliably and get rid of them without any hesitation;

Transfer Large Files to Cloud Storage

The facility of cloud storage such as OneDrive or DropBox is the best option to store your extra-large files and easily clear your hard drive from extra load. Most of the cloud storage apps offer free storage such as OneDrive offers up to 5GB free space.


Send Large Files to another Hard Drive

It is better to use an external hard drive for storing your extra-large files. You can transfer the programs and applications that occupy big space to the hard drive as well. 

Change the Location of Game

The Origin or Stream games may be one of the most consuming items on any hard drive. But we can’t remove them, as they are difficult to re-download or purchase again. You simply change the location of the game to another drive.

Final Words

So, viewers, it is very easy to avoid a slow operating system, as working with a slow operating system is a frustrating experience. So, you need to take some simple steps to remove all unnecessary material from your system or transfer it to another external drive to make your system a breeze.


Q: What type of Bloatware should I delete?

Pre-installed apps from OEMs, games & apps from Microsoft, and other unnecessary large files should be removed first of all to clear junk from your system.

Q: What are the advantages of debloating Windows 10?

You can avail multiple advantages of debloating your Windows 10 such as it will free up space, enhance the boot time, and so on.

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