How to Switch from Twitter to Mastodon Successfully

Are you fed up with Twitter and want to switch from Twitter to Mastodon. Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter is influencing inadequately on the platform using his controversial tweets. He took some irritating steps such as charging of $8 people for using some specific features including Blue tick, watching or pasting of long videos, and so on. The result is the transferring of people from the big social media platform to some other such as Mastodon.

Mastodon proved the best substitute of Twitter with open-source micro-blogging capability. It is developed by a German software developer, Tibor Martini who offers several outstanding tools such as Debirdify, Twitodon, fedifinder, and so on. Unlike Twitter it offers decentralized style features as well as user manage servers that are categorized into a plethora of servers aka communities. The servers are in different languages while offering complete description about their functions. You can select the server according to your choice and location.  

How to Open Mastodon Account

You need to create account of Mastodon before switching from Twitter to Mastodon. Just follow the given steps;

  1. Go to the main screen and click on ‘Home’ button.
  2. Set the language and click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Select how many users you want to be on your server.
  • Select the server that suits your interest s and location.
  • Tick to ‘Terms of use’.
  • Select an avatar as well as an authentic username.
  • Next, enter your password and email address and verify it by receiving an email from the platform.
  • All is done.

How to Switch Twitter to Mastodon


You have the capability of creating your own server on the platform. It is also possible to change the server any time you like. You will find different categories of servers including all, general, regional, LGTB, technology, activism, music, games furry, and art. All the categories are organized in theme menu.

Publish First Post


The platform offers two types of interfaces i.e. default web interface and advanced web interface. You can publish your post by typing a message in the web interface and tap to ‘Publish’ button. The messag was sent to all of your followers. You can send direct message to any of your follower by typing @ with name of the follower. Or type the name of specific person on the search bar. The profile of the required person will be open, tap to three dots on the corner and select ‘DM’ option from the drop down menu.

Find People on Mastodon

You will find different options for finding people on Mastodon;

  • Server-based Finding; use the Explore page to find people with same interest. You can start from,, and
  • Fedi Directory, Fediverse Info, and Trunk are the places to offer topic interest based people.
  • You can request to add yourself in the already existed list to find and follow you by the people with same interest.
  • Click Hashtags to find people.

Migrate Friends of Twitter to Mastodon


Twitodon and Fedifinder are the best tools to find Twitter friends and migrate them to Mastodon. But the tools ask permission to your Twitter account that can be risky, as they may cause of phishing. The suitable way is to give link of Mastodon on your Twitter account profile or pinned a tweet.

How to Share a Thread with a Friend


If you like any thread of post and want to share with friends. Just reply the post and mention your friend. In this way your friends will be included permanently on the thread. The other way is to send the link of thread to your friend.

Final Words

So friends, we hope you have increase your know how about using Mastodon, or switching from Twitter to Mastodon. It is simple and easy, you need to follow the entire procedure aforementioned, and enjoy a new entertaining as well as informative app.


Q: Is Mastodon a better choice than Twitter?

Yes, as we know, Mastodon offers an enhanced privacy settings rather than Twitter.

Q: Is it true more people are switching to Mastodon from Twitter?

Most of the users have migrated to Mastodon because of some changes made by Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter.

Q: Which country owns Mastodon?

It is a German app owned by Mastodon gGmbh.

Q: Is Mastodon free?

It is open-source and free of charge app without any ads.

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