How to Use BeReal

BeReal was published in France in 2019 with an idea of realness that was claimed by a lot of other social media apps. In the app, the users are allowed to post on the spot photo with same reality as they are looking at that time. It is quite different from other traditional social media apps such as Instagram, Tik Tok, etc, as you can’t add fitters or any other retouching to your snapshot.

The app sends you a notification of taking a photo from front and back camera within 2-miutes of limited timeframe. You are not allowed to make any changes to your present appearance and even your environment. The app gives you the chance of retaking the photo as much time you want, but it will inform your recipients about the number or retakes.

How to use BeReal

BeReal as social media platform is very simple and straightforward. It needs not any special requirement, you simply go to Google Play Store to download and install the app, and sign in using your name, date of birth, and phone number. Verify your account by entering the SMS code received on your device. Next step is how can you use BeReal? We are giving a complete tech guide for you to follow and enjoy the amazing app;

Step 1: signin to BeReal

Step 2:

Go to your app and click “Time to BeReal” notification.

Step 3:

Clicking the notification, the selfie camera of app will be open

Step 4:

  • Take your style for capturing selfie and tap on the big white circle at the bottom of the screen
  • After taking the selfie, the back camera will be switched by camera automatically
  • Capture your picture by clicking the shutter again.
  • Click the lightning bolt for making your picture brighter.

Step 5:

Select the option; friends or BeReal community, or both as a whole.

Step 6:

You can select geolocation for sharing if you want.

Add caption before you share your post.

How to Retake Photo

  • In case of not satisfied with captured photos, click on the picture you want to retake.
  • Tap on ‘X’ button at top right corner of the photo.

Capture the photo again.

On taking photo, the two minute timer will start running, it allows you to retakes as many picture before it goes off.

How to react on the Post of BeReal (Android or iOS)

Similarly, you can react on the pictures of the BeReals of your friends using RealMojis that are available at the bottom of the post, or you can take of your own picture for capturing your reactions. Just capture your thumbs up pose and react to that picture.

In fact reactions are the facial expressions of users that are customized emojis. The Reactions are sent to others for unlimited time.  Simply react on a BeReal is simple process such as;

Tap to open BeReal>Search Snap>Smiley Face>Emojis strip>Select Emojis> “here we go”>Pose>Click

The reaction will be sent to your friend within moments. If you want to send RealMojis to your friends, you need to follow the given steps;

Step 1

Open app on your Android or iOS device. Go to the snap from friend’s post or Discovery section for that you want to send reaction.


Step 2

Tap on Emojis option at the bottom of the post. Six emojis in a series will appear on the screen.

Step 3

Copy your favorite from them for sending as reaction on the post.

Step 4

You can create a custom RealMojis by selecting the lightning bolt. The page with instructions to create reaction will be opened. Tap to ‘here we go’ button and capture your face just imitating the emojis, keep in mind, only circled portion saves as RealMojis.

Click on “send” button and your RealMojis is saved for use.

Final Words

So viewers, we hope you understand the entire use of BeReal. It is very simple and requires only on the spot reactions from the users. You can share only one photo per day, but if not satisfied, simply go for retake option.


Q: At what time BeReal ask for post?

It is not decided, as you are asked for a post at any time during 24 hours. A new window will be opened and demand to capture your snap.

Q: Is it possible to share BeReal post on other social media platforms?

Yes, it is possible; simply click on three dots on top right corner, select ‘Share’ option, and share your post on SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Q: How can I access to expire post?

On BeReal, the post of your friend expires with 24 hours, but you can get access by pressing the ‘Memory tab’

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