How to use Product Keys in Microsoft Office


Ms Office 365 Product key is a code containing 25 characters that help to activate licensed Windows on your PC with verification of Microsoft Software license Terms. Microsoft 365 is a full-fledged productive software including multiple productive apps i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It was published in June 2011.

Microsoft 365 offers online/offline services. You can upgrade Windows 10 and Windows 11 automatically using a digital license without any requirement of entering a product key. In case of requiring a product key, you can find it in the confirmation email about purchasing Windows.

How to Enter the Product Key Reregistering Microsoft Account

The product key is in two directions; the new and the purchased key from Microsoft Store. You need to follow the given steps to enter a new product key;

First of all, create your Microsoft account,


Next, enter your product key in the space.

Now, you are enabled to access your Microsoft Office.

If you have bought the product key from Microsoft Store, you need to follow the given steps;

Visit, and click on the Sign in option on the top right corner of the screen.

You are prompted to enter your user ID and password.

Sign in to your Microsoft account, and select your name from the top right corner of the screen.

Next, click on Order History.


Select from two options; Office one-time purchase or individual Office application.

Access your product key while clicking on Install Office.

Select the Install Office option from the window with the product key pop-up.

You are directed to the next page ‘Hi, Let’s Get your Office’, and follow on-screen prompts for associating your product key with your Microsoft Account.


Finally, start the installation process.

How to Enter Product Key using a Microsoft Account on a Mac


You can install Microsoft Office with product key on Mac by following the given steps;

Visit  log in to your account, and if you are not signed in create a new account.

Tap to Install Office option, in case of signing in using a business account, visit

Click on Buy Office from the upper right of the screen, and follow the on-screen instruction to complete your purchase.

Double-click Microsoft Office-Installer. pkg from the Download folder.

In case of a ‘Not open’ error, simply wait for 20 seconds, drag the file to the desktop click to open it after holding the Control key.

Complete installation by clicking on the Continue button, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Tap on the Close button’ on completing the installation.

Open any Office app i.e. MS Word using Finder.

Click on ‘What’s New’ to Get Started, or skip the steps.

Click on the ‘Sign in to Activate’ option, if it doesn’t appear, click on the File menu and select New from the template, and click on the Sign In option.

Use your Email ID to enter and click the Next button.

Click on the Sign In option after entering your password.


Microsoft will verify the purchase and activation of Office.

You are ready to use Office on your Mac.

How to Enter Product Key using Microsoft Hup

In case of purchasing Microsoft Office via Microsoft Hup, you need to follow the given steps to enter the product key;

You have the option of installing Office Professional Plus, Project Professional, or Visio Professional using the employer’s Microsoft Hup.

Next, you are ready to enter the product key, soon as the installation is completed.


Select your purchased app and click to open it.

Go to the Set up Office screen, and click on the Signup option while selecting the option ‘I do not want to sign in or create an account’.


Finally, activate your Microsoft Office while entering the product key in the Microsoft Hup.

How to Find Product Key on Windows 10

Simply go to the ‘Get Started’ screen and select the option from the given three try, buying, and activating Microsoft Office. The screen is about the one-month free trial version of Office 365 Home. It means the manufacturer of your PC has not provided a product key. It is better to buy Microsoft Office and start a free trial version of Office 365 Home. In case of paying for Office Products in a new PC, it will be there, soon as you activate Windows 10 on your PC.

How to view Product Key Online

In case of purchasing multiple Office programs such as Office Home & Business/Office Professional/Individual, the product key can be viewed online. Go to the Services & Subscriptions page via sign-in to your Microsoft account. Keep in mind, the product key will be available on the page if you have purchased the Office apps for the first time. If you reinstall the apps, you can follow the given steps to demand your product key;

Visit the Service & Subscriptions Page using your Microsoft account.


Click on the ‘View product key option.

How to Purchase a Product Key

You need to follow the given steps to purchase the product key;

You can contact a retailer to purchase a brand-new copy of the Office product key.

You can redeem your product key by visiting,com/setup and installing Office.

You can avail one-time purchase of product keys for Office apps

In the case of renewing the subscription for Office 365, you can also purchase a product key card from a retailer. 

Avoid purchasing a product key that is sold separately.

How to Fix the Product Key isn’t working

In case of, a pop-up error message after redeeming your product key from


Go to, to visit ‘Product Key Errors.

If the product key isn’t working, you need to contact the seller and discuss your issue, or request a refund.   

The separately purchased product key can be faulty because of wrongly obtained.

Final Words

So friends, hope so, you understand very well the entire process of purchasing or activating Microsoft Office with product key. The process is very simple and you can install your Microsoft Office, and activate it easily while entering a product key. 


Q: Can I need a product key for reinstalling the Office?

Navigate to Microsoft account > Subscriptions page, and sign in to your account.
Select the Microsoft app, you have purchased.
Activate it by entering the product key that is available on the Microsoft Office page.

Q: Is it possible to change the product key for Windows?

Microsoft Office offers the switching between Office licenses. For example, if you purchase Microsoft Home and Business, but later on want to subscribe to Office 365, it can easily be switched from one to another.

Q: Can I view my product key online?

It depends on the type of Office, you have purchased as you can view the product key online for Office Home & Business/Office Professional/Individual apps.

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