How to take screenshots on Windows 8 Quick Ways

Taking Screenshots on Windows is a vital part of our multiple activities, and a specific key for the purpose is available on our keyboard. But, we have multiple tools in Windows 10, as they help you to take full-screen capture, any specific part of the screen, and even capture a video as well.

In the post, we will discuss the different methods of taking screenshots on Windows. If you want to know about it, you are in the right place. Read the entire article and select the option that you feel is perfect for you and your device. 

Method 1: How to Markup and Screenshot Websites on Windows?

Open the Microsoft Edge browser and go to the Notes tool.


Open your required webpage, and click on the toolbar option to select the pen icon.

Use the pen icon to draw on the page.


Select the ink color and thickness while clicking and holding down the button.

It is possible to add text here before taking a screenshot.

Save your screenshot to your required location, or share it to any of social media platform.

Method 2: How to Take Screenshots Using PrtScn Key?

The prtScn key is the in-built option on the keyboard. The method is fundamental and offers a quick and easy process of taking screenshots. You can use the key for taking full-screen capture, and a specific part of the screen as well. Complete the process with help of the given steps;


Press the key from the top right corner of your keyboard.

It will capture your full screen and copy it to the clipboard.

Paste the screenshot on any app i.e. Paint, Microsoft Word, or any other such program.

You can also edit the screenshot and save it to your required location.

Method 3: Capture Relevant Active Window

You can also take screenshots of any active Window from your screen without capturing the entire desktop.

Use your keyboard shortcuts, and press Alt + PrtScr altogether.


The screen will be copied to your clipboard.

Use the Ctrl + V shortcuts from your keyboard to paste the screenshot on any image-supported app i.e. Microsoft Word, Paint, etc.


Method4: How to use Snip & Sketch Tool

how-to-take-screenshot-using-snip & sketch tool

Snip & Sketch tool is also the latest and quickest way of taking the entire or even any specific part of your screen. You can use the tool directly selecting it from the list of apps, or simply use the keyboard shortcuts for the purpose. Follow the instructions;

Press Windows + Shift + S using your keyboard.

how-to-take-screenshot-using-snip & sketch tool

It will dim your screen; you will find a small menu at the top of the screen with a choice of screenshot types i.e. rectangular, freeform, or full-screen.

Select your required screenshot and click to capture it

how-to-take-screenshot-using-snip & sketch tool

It will be saved to the Snip & Sketch app, simply open it for annotating, saving, and sharing with others.

Method 5: How to use Snipping Tool for Taking Screenshots


The snipping tool is also a basic tool for taking screenshots while offering different options i.e. rectangle, window, full screen, and free-form.

Press the Shift + Windows + S keys from your keyboard, and it will launch the Snipping tool.

You can also search for it by clicking ‘Start menu’ and open it.

Now you can select a mode from the four options i.e.

Rectangle Snip: left click, use your mouse to draw the target area, and release mouse cursor.

Freeform Snip: use your mouse to draw the required shape.

Window Snip: use your mouse highlight the require area, and capture it by left-clicking.

Fullscreen Snip: similarly use your cursor to capture the highlighted area.

The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard, and you can see the thumbnail on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click the thumbnail, and edit it if you want.

Method 6: How to use PrtSc Key with OneDrive

how-to-use-prtsc-key-with-google drive

PrtSc with combination of OneDrive offers an auto-creating of image file of screenshots in your OneDrive.

Right-click on the cloud icon of OneDrive on the right side of the taskbar.

Go to Settings, select Backup tab, and open dialog box to view your Automatically Save Screenshot 1 capture to OneDrive.

Method 7: How to Take Screenshot using Windows key + G

how-to-take-screenshot-using-windows key+G

It is the best option for gamers for taking screenshot on a Windows laptop

Press Windows + G simultaneously to open Game Bar that is pre-installed in Windows 10.

how-to-take-screenshot-using-windows key+G

Capture your screen by pressing Windows key + Alt + PrtScn keys from your keyboard.

Check your screenshot in “Videos” folder, or in ‘Captures’ subfolder.

Press F11 in case of playing game on Steam, and access to you screenshot in the ‘Steam’ folder.

Method 8: How to Take Screenshot using Third-party Apps

You will find several third-party apps along with built-in tools offered by Windows itself. You can take screenshot using these apps easily. You can select the app that perfectly suits your device. These apps enable you to take screenshots in different forms, record screen, and convert them into your project.

how-to-take-screenshot-using-third-party apps

There are different popular third-party apps, some of them are as given below;

  • ShareX
  • PicPick
  • ScreenPresso
  • Snagit
  • Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro
  • Droplr
  • CloudApp
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • Lightshot

Final Words

So friends, we hope you understand well all the procedure of taking screenshots on your Windows. You will find different in-built options for taking screenshot i.e. PrtSc key, Snip & Sketch Tool, Snipping Tool, etc. in addition, multiple third-party apps are also there to assist you.


Q: How can take screenshots using shortcut on Windows?

You can take screenshot while pressing Windows + Shift + S from your keyboard. The required area will be dimmed and your screenshot will be copied to your clipboard.

Q: How can I access to my captured screenshot?

You can access to your captured screenshot as a PNG file, in Screenshot folder from Pictures folder.

Q: How can I take screenshot in full-screen?

Take your full-screen screenshot by pressing Ctrl + Print Screen shortcut.

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